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Who we are

In 2015 The British Journal of Cancer reported that 1 in 2 people in the UK would be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.

Cancer impacts not just patients but their families and friends.

Besides medical treatment many people want and need social and emotional support.

Support groups exist to offer that to both patients and their loved ones.

Attending a support group improves patient wellbeing as many research studies have shown.

Plymouth Area Cancer Support Network (PACS Network) is made up of the organisers of cancer support groups in the Plymouth area and professionals in the fields of cancer treatment and support.

We are working together so that the support the groups offer is as good as it can be.

Plymouth Area Cancer Support Network (PACS Network) exists to help the organisers of the cancer support groups in and around the Plymouth.

By working together we are trying to ensure that all groups provide such care, assistance, and guidance as may be needed and welcomed by cancer patients, their families and friends.

We share information, experiences and training, offer joint social and other events so that each group is as good as it can be.

The Network also acts as a united voice in communicating the experiences of cancer patients to the University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust and other organisations.

Through the groups, the Network seeks to improve patient outcomes by offering social and emotional support.

Its aim is to complement the work of clinicians, especially the Cancer Nurse Specialists (CNSs) and their support workers helping people being treated for cancer.

At all times it respects the professional boundaries of the medical and other disciplines involved in patient care.